Symphony warmup

Symphony warmup
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This afternoon, I took the oldest to the Colorado Symphony matinee performance of Sibelius and Grieg’s piano concerto. Wow! It was absolutely amazing! Truly wonderful. Of course I’m biased, because I love Grieg, but trust me, it was awesome.

The thing is, I was sort of grumpy about having to go earlier. I bought the tickets months ago. I do this. I buy tickets months in advance thinking this is the kind of thing we really should do more of. Then, as the time was approaching, I was thinking: awww … I’d like to just hang at home on a Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t grump out loud though – and I went – and I was transported. It was wonderful and magical, and I’m thinking, once again, that it’s the kind of thing we should do more often!

And I think the oldest liked it too!

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  1. Carleen

    I'm like that too. I always complain about how I don't really go anywhere, then when we do actually make plans to go somewhere, I would rather just stay at home. Then my husband is usually left with the job of kicking my butt out the door and I usually thank him for it later. 🙂

    Mitch used to hum Greig's In the Hall of the Mountain King for Liam when he was just a baby, whenever he would start to cry. He would hum the tune then dance around like a crazy person just to distract Liam and it pretty much worked all the time. Grieg's definitely a favorite in our house too.


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