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Yesterday, I brought my camera along while walking Buzz, hoping for some inspiration. Everything is so brown and dreary, I felt very uninspired. Until I started noticing these things! There are about a million manholes along the creek where I walk the dog — I think it must have something to do with the storm drain system that is set up around our neighborhood.

Buzz loves it along the creek. I usually let him off the leash – he fossicks around for critters and ducks and squirrels. He also gets incredibly muddy and goes for a swim no matter how cold it is. I am lucky that he comes back whenever I call him, so whenever I see someone else coming along, I call him back, so he won’t freak them out being off the leash.

Being able to go for long, leisurely walks with Buzz twice a week by myself is another bonus to having changed to a 3-day work week! He was only getting short, little ones by the kids in the afternoon during the week. This is NOT good for a Golden Retriever with a tendency to go to fat!

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