New Shoes!

New Shoes!
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So, after the spring snow storm we had on Friday, it was nearly 20 degrees Celsius (around 70 Fahrenheit) today! It was absolutely gorgeous. And, while it will be short-lived – there is another snow storm coming tomorrow apparently – I really felt the need to celebrate!

So I put on these gorgeous shoes I got from last week. My feet were screaming about it just about all day – they have been used to comy winter boots and walking shoes for months now.

I’m also glad that they have a covered toe, because my toes are in no shape to show off. It might be time to remedy that soon.

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  1. Alachia

    cute shoes! I love that you're not afraid of colors… still love that chair of yours. I plan to come steal it later. šŸ˜€

  2. slife (Post author)

    You're welcome to come sit in it! But you're not taking it with you!


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