Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High
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So, you might have heard that my sister is visiting from Norway.

Today, we went to LoDo in Denver to show her the ‘city’. Right next to the very very nice restaurant we took her to for lunch (Gumbo’s), we came across something that seems to be popping up a lot around the city: a medical marijuana dispensary.

It was interesting to say the least. I like the green ‘red cross’ sign … We seem to be seeing a lot more of stuff like this appearing. I even know someone who’s getting into the business. I’m not against it; but I do find it interesting.

We were standing there staring in the window like idiots, when I saw a line of shirts hanging on a rack in there. I thought: Wait! They sell CLOTHES in there?!?” So, my sister trooped in the door to find out!

She was gone nearly 10 minutes while I stood outside wondering if I should go inside and rescue her or what. Apparently, she was treated to a long diatribe about having to provide an inviting atmosphere and a bunch of other stuff. She wasn’t sure she knew exactly WHAT the dispensary guy was saying!

Anyway, I found it interesting that it’s right across the street from the Wine Loft.

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