It's official – I'm a fan

Having owned the iPad now for nearly 24 hours I have to say I am more than impressed.

It is amazingly fast, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and has even more functions than I expected it to have.

Last night we had a dinner party and it showed a great usefulness. It was constantly being passed around the table to share YouTube videos that were mentioned, look up facts that were In dispute, and to share photos! Really a fun and surprisingly handy addition to the evening.

And this morning, while I have been recovering from the dinner party’s indulgences, I have been lying back on the couch reading my favorite papers, catching up with Facebook, my Twitter feed, watched The Office streamed from my netflix account, surfed Flickr, and am now blogging – all still on the couch!
And the truly amazing thing is that the battery indicator says I still have 46 % battery life left from my first charge!

I know that everyone who has touched this thing wants one now?

And I am officially a fan.

— Post From My iPad

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  1. Phoenix1914

    /want Looking forward to following your thoughts and experiences as this grows into the be all end all of future devices.


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