The Bedroom Stereo Timemachine

Bedroom stereo setup
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As you know, we recently finished our basement – this had lots of other consequences – such as finally getting all our bookcases out of our master bedroom!

Without those bookcases there, the bedroom looked mighty empty, so we decided to set up a little music corner. We have all these cd’s bought between the years after they came out and before the rise of the mp3. And we had John’s old Bang & Olufsen stereo that he bought off some guy he worked with before we got married … with a GREAT set of speakers. The stereo hadn’t even been unpacked since we arrived back in the US over two years ago, because it doesn’t have the ability to play an iPod … and we didn’t really need it set up. But it seemed a waste to get rid of such a beautiful thing.

So, we have set it up there in the master bedroom. Now, whenever I put music on while having a shower, or hanging out up there generally, I feel like I’m stepping into a timewarp. All the music I have to play up there transports me back to some time between 1990-2000 or thereabouts. There are a couple of exceptions, but generally that’s true. It’s bizarre, but kind of fun – oh and the B&O still sounds AMAZING!

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