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One of the joys of living in Colorado is living so close to Red Rocks. I spent the morning up there shooting for my photography class. The place is astonishing. The natural amphitheater formed out of the red rocks pushing up out of the fault line is breathtaking.

I remember seeing a recording of U2 “Under a Blood Red Sky” performed there — and I cannot BELIEVE how long I have lived here without actually going to see a concert here. Well, that’s going to change this concert season. I’ve got myself tickets for Rush (the Moving Pictures Tour) in August. Well, make that TICKET (singular). No one wants to go with me to see Rush. Oh well, they’re the ones missing out.

I took about 200 shots up there today, and I was thinking how lucky I am to be living in the digital age. If I were to buy film and develop it all, I’d have to be a LOT more careful of how many pictures I took – otherwise it would cost an absolute fortune. It’s bad enough that the equipment is so expensive!

I’ve uploaded a few of the better shots to flickr if you want to have a look!