Fine Dining

Fine Dining
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As many of you know, the parentals are visiting from Norway for 3 weeks. Last night, we had a lovely Saturday night dinner. I’m allowed to say it was lovely, because I cooked most of it. Bacon wrapped sirloin with bbq sauce and an arugula & grape salad. My dad made his amazing Worcester Sauce cubed potatoes with onions to go with it.

And we had a beautiful Brokenwood Hunter Valley Shiraz to go with it.

My mother used my china and candle holders to work her magic with the table setting. She brought me the long candles and napkins from Norway.

Nom nom indeed.

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  1. Maia Dobson

    That's a very nice table setting! I'm sure your mom would love it because it resembles the table settings that I saw at Suffolk County catering halls. Good luck!

  2. Erica White

    Even though you have a pretty small table, it looks like one of those Long Island wedding venues at first sight. You have a knack for making elegant table setting.


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