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We went downtown to LoDo today — lunch at Gumbo’s was in order for my parents. Always absolutely scrumptious Catfish over gumbo … and I am always stuffed when I leave there!

I brought my camera, hoping to snap some shots while we were there. Of course, it’s almost impossible to do any extensive ‘photography’ when you’re with other people who aren’t there for the same reason. But I got a couple that I was really happy with.

One day, I will have to head down by myself, bring the tripod, and really do some more serious stuff. Today, I was focusing more on taking some black and white shots for the much-talked-of photography class.

This lesson’s assignment is all about black and white photography. (People who follow me on flickr won’t be surprised to hear that!). I’m supposed to take one high key picture, one low key, one architectural, and one landscape. And then I’ll have to pick ONE to send off for grading! That ‘picking one’ part sounds like the most difficult. Trying to decide which one I like best/hate the least is NOT going to be easy!

I still have to take the landscape one, though, so I have a few days before that horrendous decision has to be made!

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  1. Linn Søvig

    Yeah. Taking good pictures with a lot of social activity around you is very hard. It's not even worth trying!

    You'll find your own voice – but I found loads of images by the station! Good luck!

    1. Vicki

      Hey, good to find somonee who agrees with me. GMTA.


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