Oil and Vinegar

Oil and Vinegar 004
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My parents got me lovely new bottles to put oil and vinegar in in the kitchen. So, I had to go to the EVOO Marketplace in downtown Denver to choose some gourmet ones to put in there (EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

The selection is tremendous there! For someone who loves to make their own salad dressings it’s fabulous!

And of course, I couldn’t decide on just ONE oil and just ONE balsamic vinegar to put in the new bottles. So, I bought one each, and figured I’d sort out which ones to use when I got home.

I opted for the South Australian Arbequina EVOO and the Tangerine Balsamic. I figure that will make a pretty nice ‘standard’ balsamic dressing.

Although the Cilantro and Onion looks yummy ….

Oh … and can you imagine a Honey Ginger Balsamic with a plain olive oil for dipping lovely Ciabatta bread in??

Thank God the GM diet is over this weekend!

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  1. Interminable Immediacy

    OMG totally jealous! I love, love, LOVE a good vinaigrette. :3 Other dressings are nice, but a simple vinaigrette is so much more customizable in terms of flavor. And whatever you want to put in it, you can.

  2. mon

    Yeah, you had me at the ciabatta bread and oil… /droolz

  3. parxyr

    Why am I suddenly hungry?


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