The Nikon D90 has arrived!

D90 first shots 010
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I am so ridiculously excited about my new camera! We decided I should get it before we go on holiday to London and Paris this week. This gives me 9 days to get used to it before I have to use it for ‘real’ stuff.

I have got one lens that’s should have me covered for the duration – an 18mm to 200mm Nikon, in case you care … I should be able to use it for zoom and wide angle — at least as much as I might need on vacation. Of course, this means that one of the kids will have to be my little helper and carry the tripod. Can’t let gorgeous pics get ruined by camera shake!

Anyway, there is a LOT to learn, and never enough time to learn it all — we are headed for The Great Outdoors this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get lots of chances to stop and set up the camera right then.

In the meantime, you can all steal yourselves against the onslaught of flickr uploads.

For those of you even remotely interested, some of my pics are now available as prints/card/mousepads, you name it on SmugMug – Strumpet101’s SmugMug.

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  1. mon

    but strumpet, a tripod is great, but your camera has shake reduction technology !! Oh, the glory!

  2. Bibble

    Congratulations! Have a safe and memorable trip to the Europe. 🙂


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