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So, we noticed this summer that the eldest has a VERY sedentary lifestyle – and decided it was time to do something about it. It was starting to show up in a very slight pudginess, and I thin that’s a really sad thing for a child who’s only 13.

Well, when we started thinking about it, we realized it had probably been about 6 or 8 weeks since we’d been to the gym ourselves.

So, we decided to get him a few personal training sessions and head back to the gym with him.

This is the second week in a row that we have completed 3 training sessions. The eldest goes once a week to his trainer, and we work out while he’s there, and then we all do our own thing 2 times a week. We have to go early morning, otherwise it won’t get done. So we head out at 5:45 am … some say insane, but it works for us.

So far so good! I’m starting to feel a LOT better – I think it actually does wonders for my sleep and my mood. Maybe the energy is coming!

And we get to see sunrises like this!

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    the only reason i get up that early is because of a kid screaming….or i've been up all night any how


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