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The Daily Post it Group Coffee Table Book

I added this topic to my Daily Daily Post It Flickr Group discussion board today.

Let me know what you guys think:

I would like to suggest a collaborative coffee table book. I am volunteering to do the work to put this together, but I will need your help and approval, obviously.

I am for a book, because there are a lot of awesome photos, and a calendar limits it to only about 12 photos. I have a couple of ideas of how I would like this to work. 
1.) I would start a new group – the Daily Post It Coffee Table Book
2) You would have a month to submit your favorite daily post it photos to that group.
3) I would take suggestions of other photos to be added to the group, and then invite that photo to the group with an explanation
4) I would also go through the group and invite photos I think should be in there to the group if they haven’t been added/suggested already.
5) I would then put together a book on Blurb
6) I would give you the link so you can buy your very own copy (with no profit to me of course :D)

What do you guys all think?

I got this idea after watching this:….

And listening to @Alachia and @eljeppy on I decided it was time to take collaborative action. 

Final Fantasy – First Week Impressions

What keeps me from loving FFXIV?

– interface … HOW many clicks to get what I want?

– impossibility of crafting ANYTHING – I do not mean levels 1-5; they’re easy.  but anything that requires a wind shard? Impossible.  I tried leveling my Alchemy so I could make them myself, but got stuck at level 6.  Needed level 8.  I couldn’t BUY them – I checked every damned retainer in the bazaar.  I ran to a different area, and it didn’t drop there either.  I changed my elemental point allocation, as suggested by someone, and couldn’t get them to drop that way either.

– crafting/gathering mini-game.  This was incredibly fun the first 10 times.  Then, I just wanted to chop the tree and get it the hell over with.  It’s not like it changed with skill. Same with synthesis. Really, HOW many times do you want me to click to make some distilled water?

– Lack of an auction house.  Try getting wind shards, and you’ll wish you had an AH.  It’s also next to impossible to know what to price things – there’s no price-comparison that’s in any way practical to complete.

– No abandoning quests.  I picked up some quests in a different area, and realized I didn’t actually want them.  But I was stuck with them, and couldn’t pick up new ones because I had reached my daily quota.

– I have been playing for over a week – not day in and day out, but at least a couple of hours every day.  And I STILL don’t have ANY upgrades.  Frustrating.  I’ve spent so much money trying to level my professions, that I cannot buy anything on offer in the market ward.  And it’s not like I haven’t tried to CRAFT my own stuff.  See the wind shard thing again.

What makes me want to absolutely LOVE FFXIV?

– It is soooo beautiful.  The graphics are astonishing.  The scenery is gorgeous.

– Character customization: oh my god – so amazing.  And gorgeous.

– The emphasis on crafting.  I have always LOVED crafting, and I love that FFXIV puts an emphasis on it.  It is just not implemented well yet. I hope it improves.

– The leveling/class changing system.  I think it’s awesome that you can be so many different classes on one character.  And I really like the point allocation system.

– Once you get used to it, the macro system is great.  It really is.

– Local/regional leve quests.  Awesome.

– The story-line quests have been amazing.

– The spell animations and spell selections based on points are really well done.

– Instanced mobs for the quest you are on – makes it easy to find what you need and they’re not in short supply.

– Crafting is cool – I just wish it wasn’t a mini-game EVERY time you make something.  Maybe the first time you make distilled water it takes a bit to learn, but EVERY time?  Gets repetitive and not challenging – oops I snuck a criticism in there.


There is so much to love about this game – if it had been implemented well.  I really hope it improves.  I am taking a break for a day, because I just became so frustrated last night.  I’ll try again tomorrow.  Maybe I will overcome the wind shard issue.  But I think the game will need a lot of polish and tweaking.  Hopefully, I can see past the implementations issues, and they will gradually change.

But today, I’m playing WoW.  Because it works.