The Daily Post it Group Coffee Table Book

I added this topic to my Daily Daily Post It Flickr Group discussion board today.

Let me know what you guys think:

I would like to suggest a collaborative coffee table book. I am volunteering to do the work to put this together, but I will need your help and approval, obviously.

I am for a book, because there are a lot of awesome photos, and a calendar limits it to only about 12 photos. I have a couple of ideas of how I would like this to work. 
1.) I would start a new group – the Daily Post It Coffee Table Book
2) You would have a month to submit your favorite daily post it photos to that group.
3) I would take suggestions of other photos to be added to the group, and then invite that photo to the group with an explanation
4) I would also go through the group and invite photos I think should be in there to the group if they haven’t been added/suggested already.
5) I would then put together a book on Blurb
6) I would give you the link so you can buy your very own copy (with no profit to me of course :D)

What do you guys all think?

I got this idea after watching this:….

And listening to @Alachia and @eljeppy on I decided it was time to take collaborative action. 

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