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Managing My Online Layers

This morning, I took stock of all my email addresses.  I saw my sister post that she had 4 accounts linked to her GMail, and I thought, “Hm? How many do *I *have?”
I got slightly panicky when I realized that I had to make a list, since I hadn’t kept a record of them all.  
Why do I have so many email addresses?  
  • Well, there’s one for money stuff.  If you don’t have a separate email address for anyone who gives you money or takes from you money, I strongly encourage you to get one right away.  It’s a very very simple thing to set up – and a simple way to protect yourself.
  • Then there’s my Battle.Net email address.  I made a separate one specifically for this, so that I could give the address to people I wanted to share my RealID with – this is a World of Warcraft thing – simply put it’s a separate one for World of Warcraft.  Again, a simple way to get a bit of security.
  • There’s strumpet101 – which is my ‘online persona’ account.  This used to be the email address I used for absolutely everything, but, lately, as I have been more and more ‘out there’ in the Meta, I have started separating things out from there.
  • There’s StrumpetsLife, which is the one I use on Strumpet’s Voice blog.  Not sure why.  It was a slip of the tongue while setting up my GoGo Daddy site.  I’m sure it can be fixed, but I’m not sure I can be bothered.
  • There are others, including a photography one, for more private reasons.
Then, today, I decided that it’s really time to stop embarrassing my children.  When they tell people their mother’s email address, they shouldn’t have to say strumpet.  So, I made a new one, to go with my ‘mom’ hat.  And probably for some other places too.
The question is: Where is the line between Strumpet101 and my ‘real’ self?  Who wants which email address?  I think if I send out a ‘change of address’ notice to my family and school friends, it will just cause mass confusion.  I will just have to try to keep the line as clear as possible – knowing that it will be blurry as hell.

The X-Box Card

I was never going to be that Mom.  I was never going to be the Mom who took her kids’ X-Box hostage to achieve desired results.  
As a matter of fact, I believe I have, in the past, agreed vigorously with this gaming article on MMO family.   Today, this had to change.  When I announced on Twitter that I have indeed, withheld the X-Box to achieve desired results, @emused replied, referring me to point 3 in that article:

Manage game time as a logical consequence of available time. Don’t position gaming a “reward” for good performance, and don’t make the suspension of gaming privileges a “punishment” for failing to comply with rules. This may seem like semantics, but you’re setting attitudes that will last a lifetime. Like any other recreational activity, access to gaming should be a function of available free time. If grades are slipping, for example, more study time = less gaming time.

I find myself needing to explain why I have veered from this principle.  

Normally, I would completely agree.  And, normally, this is the principle that works really well in our family.  And it has always worked for the other son.  Lately, however, we have found that it is just not enough for my second son.  When it is not grades that are slipping, but assignments that are not being handed in, and ‘fibs’ that are told about ‘having done them’, ‘having asked’, ‘not having any homework’ – then more drastic measures have to be taken.  

The transition from elementary to middle school has been hard for the youngest.  He has never had to work for a good grade before now.  Until his 9-week progress report, I really don’t think he realized how much a zero would bring down his grade.  But that was 3 weeks ago.  We handled that by being understanding, and trying to teach him what needed to be done in order to fix it – and he did MOST of it.  But not all. And there continue to be issues with incomplete and missing work.

I am sick of Call of Duty being his number one priority.  Until he shows that fixing his school work is his number one priority, there will be consequences. So, every missing assignment on Parent Portal (handy stalking device for parents to see grades etc), he will miss one day of access to his x-box.  Other gaming is still allowed, and TV is still allowed.  

I don’t know why I feel the need to justify myself.  We are good parents, but we are also taking to desperate measures.  I refuse to let him fall now.  So, please don’t judge me.  I know of many parents who would have taken a far more strict approach.

Phew! I feel better now!

Learning to “Let it Go”

I have a problem with tension. 

I carry tension around in me throughout my body, but it is particularly bad between my shoulder blades and through my hips.  I also have been told my pedicurists that I carry a lot of tension in my calves, but this never seems to bother me as much as the tension I naturally carry in my back.

Believe me, I know this is not a good thing.  And it’s not like I don’t try to do something about it.  I go for massages regularly.  Good ones too.  I also make it a point to go for facials – not necessarily just for the good it does my face, but also because it is one of the few times I really feel myself ‘letting go’ for want of a better phrase.

I wish the feeling of tension release that I get after a 90 minute massage or facial would be easier/cheaper for me to come by – but usually, by the next day, the tension is back. 

I really don’t think I am getting this tension solely from the way I sit at the computer. I do my best to be ergonomically ‘correct’.  I think I carry my stress in my body more than anything else.  Which is probably why I get physically exhausted and totally worn out when I am under extra stress.

I tried yoga once.  But I really think I might actually need some sort of relaxation hypnotherapy to force myself to release and let go.  Any recommendations of podcasts or other medium for this purpose would be GREATLY appreciated.  

The MetaTalks NaPodPoMo

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So, it’s National Podcaster’s Podcast Month, or something equally tongue twisting like that.

And Massive Big Ups to my friends Alachia and Jeppy over at my favorite podcast: MetaTalks.. They are attempting to podcast every day of November this year!

I find their effort even more exciting because it is collaboration themed! They are encouraging listener participation and collaboration in many ways. They want listeners reading poetry, listeners’ top ten lists, and dun dun duh!: duets!! (There’s lots of other stuff too; you should check out their schedule).

The thing is, I have been duped into performing a duet with Alachia. I think we kind of bluffed and called each others’ bluff into this. And now, it’s been talked about on the podcast, tweeted about, and generally been made so public that I don’t think we can back out.

I am terrified. The recording is scheduled for tomorrow night. Here I am, trying to get the lyrics sorted out. I’ll let you know when the podcast goes live. Listen at your own peril.