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So, it’s National Podcaster’s Podcast Month, or something equally tongue twisting like that.

And Massive Big Ups to my friends Alachia and Jeppy over at my favorite podcast: MetaTalks.. They are attempting to podcast every day of November this year!

I find their effort even more exciting because it is collaboration themed! They are encouraging listener participation and collaboration in many ways. They want listeners reading poetry, listeners’ top ten lists, and dun dun duh!: duets!! (There’s lots of other stuff too; you should check out their schedule).

The thing is, I have been duped into performing a duet with Alachia. I think we kind of bluffed and called each others’ bluff into this. And now, it’s been talked about on the podcast, tweeted about, and generally been made so public that I don’t think we can back out.

I am terrified. The recording is scheduled for tomorrow night. Here I am, trying to get the lyrics sorted out. I’ll let you know when the podcast goes live. Listen at your own peril.

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  1. parxyr

    Good luck! Just use the old public speaking trick of imagining everyone listening is naked…


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