Learning to “Let it Go”

I have a problem with tension. 

I carry tension around in me throughout my body, but it is particularly bad between my shoulder blades and through my hips.  I also have been told my pedicurists that I carry a lot of tension in my calves, but this never seems to bother me as much as the tension I naturally carry in my back.

Believe me, I know this is not a good thing.  And it’s not like I don’t try to do something about it.  I go for massages regularly.  Good ones too.  I also make it a point to go for facials – not necessarily just for the good it does my face, but also because it is one of the few times I really feel myself ‘letting go’ for want of a better phrase.

I wish the feeling of tension release that I get after a 90 minute massage or facial would be easier/cheaper for me to come by – but usually, by the next day, the tension is back. 

I really don’t think I am getting this tension solely from the way I sit at the computer. I do my best to be ergonomically ‘correct’.  I think I carry my stress in my body more than anything else.  Which is probably why I get physically exhausted and totally worn out when I am under extra stress.

I tried yoga once.  But I really think I might actually need some sort of relaxation hypnotherapy to force myself to release and let go.  Any recommendations of podcasts or other medium for this purpose would be GREATLY appreciated.  

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  1. parxyr

    I completely understand your predicament. Stress can linger and really do damage over time if you cant release it. Some of my usual mechanisms, which lately have not worked well for me but may give you success are as follows:

    #1 – Punch something, hard.

    Ok, ok, just kidding.

    #1 – Shadow or rhythm boxing. You'll work up a great sweat and release aggression especially if you undertake any bag work like a heavy bag or speed bag. You can even go to the kick boxing level.

    #2 – Pilates & Yoga. These exercises force you to concentrate on your breathing and working your core. With the level of concentration you can usually let the stress ebb away. Brooke Siler was a pupil of Joseph Pilates and has some great books/DVDs on the market that go over this.

    #3 – Every now and then, just say to hell with it. Or get more vulgar than that. 🙂

    Don't scoff #3, it can work.

    So there you have a few of my means of dumping stress. Hope they can help.

  2. chewyfruitloop

    have you tried just soaking in the bath for a while….
    other thing you can do is cutting down the caffeine, it will wind you up…says me…

    other than that i've no idea, i tend to ignore my body until it falls down…then i patch it up so i can keep going…then i fall down some more ><


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