Managing My Online Layers

This morning, I took stock of all my email addresses.  I saw my sister post that she had 4 accounts linked to her GMail, and I thought, “Hm? How many do *I *have?”
I got slightly panicky when I realized that I had to make a list, since I hadn’t kept a record of them all.  
Why do I have so many email addresses?  
  • Well, there’s one for money stuff.  If you don’t have a separate email address for anyone who gives you money or takes from you money, I strongly encourage you to get one right away.  It’s a very very simple thing to set up – and a simple way to protect yourself.
  • Then there’s my Battle.Net email address.  I made a separate one specifically for this, so that I could give the address to people I wanted to share my RealID with – this is a World of Warcraft thing – simply put it’s a separate one for World of Warcraft.  Again, a simple way to get a bit of security.
  • There’s strumpet101 – which is my ‘online persona’ account.  This used to be the email address I used for absolutely everything, but, lately, as I have been more and more ‘out there’ in the Meta, I have started separating things out from there.
  • There’s StrumpetsLife, which is the one I use on Strumpet’s Voice blog.  Not sure why.  It was a slip of the tongue while setting up my GoGo Daddy site.  I’m sure it can be fixed, but I’m not sure I can be bothered.
  • There are others, including a photography one, for more private reasons.
Then, today, I decided that it’s really time to stop embarrassing my children.  When they tell people their mother’s email address, they shouldn’t have to say strumpet.  So, I made a new one, to go with my ‘mom’ hat.  And probably for some other places too.
The question is: Where is the line between Strumpet101 and my ‘real’ self?  Who wants which email address?  I think if I send out a ‘change of address’ notice to my family and school friends, it will just cause mass confusion.  I will just have to try to keep the line as clear as possible – knowing that it will be blurry as hell.

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