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It’s been a tough week. Having hubbie gone in Argentina since last Saturday has been harsh. It’s been a long time since we’ve been apart more than a night or two. We’ve got 3 sleeps to go now – which still feels like a really long time!

I have to say I feel even more sorry for hubbie though – he really is very very ready to get home. He’s had it with the Spanish, the hugs, the kiss on the cheeks and the full-on with the client for a whole week. And he’s lonely in a stupid hotel room. At least I have the boys and the cats and the dog here.

Anyway, I have taken advantage of my evenings at home to watch Battlestar Galactica marathon style – something I couldn’t get away with to the same extent if he WAS here. AND I’ve finished signing and addressing all our Christmas cards. So early! At least I made good use of my evenings!

Three more sleeps!

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    It looks so comfortable. The added sofa corner is a good extension for comfort. It is a great lounging spot.

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    Gorgeous, Must be comfortable.


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