When did you last …. ?

I don’t know about yours, but my life is busy.  Busy busy busy.  And, while I still listen to music every day (where would I be without it?  Life just wouldn’t be the same), I don’t listen like I did in high school.

In high school, I remember countless afternoons, evenings, mornings, whatever, sitting on the floor next to my turntable.  And I would sit there just sketching, scribbling, and listening to the music.  Sometimes I didn’t even do something THAT productive.  Sometimes, in fact OFTEN, I would just sit there fingering my album covers.  Reading the lyrics, looking at the artwork, deciding what I would play next, and LISTENING.  Living it.  Letting the music totally fill me.

This afternoon, my first non-working Monday in 3 years that hasn’t been off because of a child’s or my own illness, I have been listening.  Really listening.  And oh! how good it feels!!!

Give yourself a present this holiday season.  Take an hour to listen to a whole album (there ARE still such things out there, even if you have to get nostalgic to find them!), or listen to your favorites playlist while doing nothing but something mindless that lets you still listen.

Soul nourishing stuff.

Personally, I am listening to Crystal Bowersox’s new album “Farmer’s Daughter, but I’m pretty sure yo can pick your own stuff!

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