I’m not going to lie. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had such an amazing year in 2010. My life feels charmed at the moment, and I don’t want that to end.  At the same time, I know I have more than one good friend who is more than happy to kiss the ass of ’10 a cheery good riddance. 

So I will cross my fingers and happily usher in ’11 in the hopes that some of my happiness will spill over into the lives of those I care about. Bring it!

Today, I said goodbye to the year in the best possible way.  I got to see my best friend from high school, Adria.  We were inseparable back then.  Many things happened that separated us in the early years of our 20s – many of which I am not proud to admit were my fault. What a totally self-centered and insecure cow I was back then.  Anyway, we got back in touch a few years ago.

Geography, logistics, and life circumstances have prevented us from actually seeing each other in person until today.  She is sooooo pregnant.  Still sooooooo beautiful.  And it totally fed my soul to see her. It feels like two halves of my life have been united.  

I hope I have a chance to spend time with just the two of us sometime not too far in the future.  But for now I am happy just to have seen her and hugged her.  Seen her happy and met her beautiful daughter and delightful

And I’m so grateful to hubbie and the kids for indulging my need to see her and driving all that way.

I wish you all the best for 2011 – all my imaginary and real friends.

I will add an image when I have had a look at ones taken of us together.

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