Desk 365.137

Desk 365.137
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So much to do!

The Daily Post-It Flickr Group book arrived today! Very excited! It looks fantastic. You can check my Flickr stream to see it.

The other thing on my desk there is the lapel binaural mic I had on my wish-list for Christmas. The youngest very kindly got it for me. And it won’t work with my iPhone. I ordered that adapter plug you see there which supposedly would work, but the plug doesn’t fit in the adapter plug. So, now I am either returning it (if that’s still possible), and getting a powered mic to go with my iPhone, OR getting a different recording device that my mic will work with.

The new mic thing seems cheaper. But not much, believe it or not. A powered mic that will work with the iPhone ain’t cheap.

But I’d rather not have a SECOND device to carry around.

And I want to be able to record Strumpet’s Voice ‘on the go’.

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