Upgrading to 64 bit

Today, I upgraded to Windows 7 – 64 bit.

I had 6 GB of RAM installed on my machine, but only 3 was biding used with the 32 bit system.

This was probably the most organized I’d ever been for a hard disk reformat. I had all my data backed up, all my programs ready for reinstall, all passwords, codes, registration keys written down and ready to go.

Of course there were still issues.  It was a struggle getting my wireless adapter going – which is sort of the first thing you need.  Some programs are refusing their product keys (read Quicken) which is a pain in the ass.  And some programs take a long time to get set up the way you like even when working properly (iTunes and Lightroom) – I’m talking about preferences etc.

Even World of Warcraft has behaved really well though. The install was remarkably quick as a download – Blizzard seems to have got this process right. Now, if only I could say the same for my add ons – maybe it’s time to get the curse premium client.

I will finish the process tomorrow. Enough staring at bars for one day.

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  1. chewyfruitloop

    right click on programs that don't work properly go properties-> compatibility and select the run this program in compatibility mode

    you may also have to tick run this program as administrator

    btw, unless its a 64 bit program only install it into program files (x86)
    64 bit windows makes a distinction between program files and program file (x86)


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