Joint Present for ourselves

Some of you already know that we are avid bibliophiles.

I got our first first edition about 14 years ago. I started very grandly with a first edition of The Tale of Two Cities.

Collecting that kind of classic first editions is NOT cheap. I’ve had my eye on a $6000 first edition of Wuthering Heights for a while. But if I go buying that, my kids won’t be going to college. Not with our help anyway.

We have, however, started buying much more modern first editions here and there. When I was browsing (where you can filter for first editions and signed copies) last week, I came across this first edition of The Life of Pi. We both loved this book. Like a lot. If you have not read it, you must rectify this mistake immediately. Popular modern first editions still aren’t cheap. Especially if they are ‘famous’ or prize winners.

This copy of the Life of Pi is a signed true Canadian first edition of the book. I am thrilled to add it to our collection!

I suggested to hubbie that instead of buying each other separate gifts we get each other this. He was actually really pleased with the idea. I am hoping it can become a tradition. I guess jewelery will have to be a birthday thing 🙂

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  1. Carleen

    Sweet! Loved Life of Pi!


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