Residential Data Transfer Limit Rubbish

I am a Comcast customer. I can’t help it.  They’re the only cable internet provider that offers service in my area, and I refuse to go back to anything except cable broadband ever.

But this also means that I am trapped, of course.

There are four of us with various mobile devices in the house.  iPads, iPhones, iTouch.  We have an x-box player or two.  We have a few WoW players.  We like music.  We like movies.

And Comcast has this ridiculous data transfer limit for residential customers per month. The limit is 250GB a month for residential customers.  You can’t get more by paying more, unless you get a business customer account.  No idea what’s involved with that.

If you hit the limit they cut you off.  They don’t slow you down or anything. They cut you off for excessive use.

The usage is for ALL data that comes through my cable modem, including on-demand movies from Comcast/Xfinity TV.

The closest we’ve come to our limit so far is 75%.  It does worry me though.  What if we download a lot of music and films one month?  It’s a constant worry for me towards the end of the month, and I check our usage every day the last few days.

So, I have canceled my cloud-based backup service.  The last thing I need is Carbonite eating up data allowance.  I have set up my own backup system here at home.  Sucks to be Carbonite with such shitty plans from Comcast.

And then, today, I find out that Comcast has launched video streaming on it’s Xfinity TV iPad app. Huh?!? Don’t they realize they’re going to have to do something about this data limit at some point? With more and more opportunities to stream content, high usage households like ours are going to get nearer and nearer that silly limit.

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  1. chewyfruitloop

    yeh it sucks, the misses suggested we move to sky for the internet connection because they're miles cheeper. a sales guy dropped round a bit ago and said i could have it for free with a 5gb cap per month…
    i laughed in his face and told him i pull that in less than a week…then he offered 250…continued to laugh

    i'm sticking with unlimited…i may pay a bit for it, but i think its worth it

  2. Ella

    An iniltelgent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!


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