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The New Hawaii Five-0

So, I am behind. And late to the game.  And I am totally being punished.

I have just decided that I’d like to watch the Hawaii Five-0 new series that started in the fall of last year.

CBS only offers four recent episodes on their website.  Hulu (even Hulu-Plus) only offers the same four episodes.

So, I’m screwed.  I get to either start watching from the tail-end of the season, or I have to wait for the Blu-Ray to be released who knows when.  What a pain in the ass.  By the time the Blu-Ray comes out, I may have decided that I can’t be bothered watching it after all.

Stupid, stupid CBS.  From what I’ve been told, this is a common problem with CBS.  Why can’t they get with the program?

Dragon Age Redemption

Dragon Age Redemption
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I’m so excited to see this web series this summer. Felicia Day is so amazingly inspiring. She has self-started, self-promoted, and had enough self-belief to really make it.

So impressive. The hard work and energy required to make it in this way is so impressive!! I’m torn between being intimidated, inspired, or totally jealous.

Anyway, I’m going to go dig out one of the boys’ copies of Dragon Age: Origins and try it again. Last time I tried I sort of failed miserably in the opening stages of the game and left it. I’m starting to think that was a mistake – everyone says the story is epic.

Ow I just have to decide: PS3 or PC version?

Joint Present for ourselves

Some of you already know that we are avid bibliophiles.

I got our first first edition about 14 years ago. I started very grandly with a first edition of The Tale of Two Cities.

Collecting that kind of classic first editions is NOT cheap. I’ve had my eye on a $6000 first edition of Wuthering Heights for a while. But if I go buying that, my kids won’t be going to college. Not with our help anyway.

We have, however, started buying much more modern first editions here and there. When I was browsing (where you can filter for first editions and signed copies) last week, I came across this first edition of The Life of Pi. We both loved this book. Like a lot. If you have not read it, you must rectify this mistake immediately. Popular modern first editions still aren’t cheap. Especially if they are ‘famous’ or prize winners.

This copy of the Life of Pi is a signed true Canadian first edition of the book. I am thrilled to add it to our collection!

I suggested to hubbie that instead of buying each other separate gifts we get each other this. He was actually really pleased with the idea. I am hoping it can become a tradition. I guess jewelery will have to be a birthday thing 🙂

Residential Data Transfer Limit Rubbish

I am a Comcast customer. I can’t help it.  They’re the only cable internet provider that offers service in my area, and I refuse to go back to anything except cable broadband ever.

But this also means that I am trapped, of course.

There are four of us with various mobile devices in the house.  iPads, iPhones, iTouch.  We have an x-box player or two.  We have a few WoW players.  We like music.  We like movies.

And Comcast has this ridiculous data transfer limit for residential customers per month. The limit is 250GB a month for residential customers.  You can’t get more by paying more, unless you get a business customer account.  No idea what’s involved with that.

If you hit the limit they cut you off.  They don’t slow you down or anything. They cut you off for excessive use.

The usage is for ALL data that comes through my cable modem, including on-demand movies from Comcast/Xfinity TV.

The closest we’ve come to our limit so far is 75%.  It does worry me though.  What if we download a lot of music and films one month?  It’s a constant worry for me towards the end of the month, and I check our usage every day the last few days.

So, I have canceled my cloud-based backup service.  The last thing I need is Carbonite eating up data allowance.  I have set up my own backup system here at home.  Sucks to be Carbonite with such shitty plans from Comcast.

And then, today, I find out that Comcast has launched video streaming on it’s Xfinity TV iPad app. Huh?!? Don’t they realize they’re going to have to do something about this data limit at some point? With more and more opportunities to stream content, high usage households like ours are going to get nearer and nearer that silly limit.

To the Gallery!


About to take my images to the Gallery NRC for the exhibition next month.  The one above, “Promise”, will go to the Tri-Lakes Art Center in Palmer Lake tomorrow.
I’m super nervous.  I hope I haven’t made any mistakes!
The opening for both is next weekend.  Squeeeeee!