To the Gallery!


About to take my images to the Gallery NRC for the exhibition next month.  The one above, “Promise”, will go to the Tri-Lakes Art Center in Palmer Lake tomorrow.
I’m super nervous.  I hope I haven’t made any mistakes!
The opening for both is next weekend.  Squeeeeee!

The Nikon D90 has arrived!

D90 first shots 010
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I am so ridiculously excited about my new camera! We decided I should get it before we go on holiday to London and Paris this week. This gives me 9 days to get used to it before I have to use it for ‘real’ stuff.

I have got one lens that’s should have me covered for the duration – an 18mm to 200mm Nikon, in case you care … I should be able to use it for zoom and wide angle — at least as much as I might need on vacation. Of course, this means that one of the kids will have to be my little helper and carry the tripod. Can’t let gorgeous pics get ruined by camera shake!

Anyway, there is a LOT to learn, and never enough time to learn it all — we are headed for The Great Outdoors this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get lots of chances to stop and set up the camera right then.

In the meantime, you can all steal yourselves against the onslaught of flickr uploads.

For those of you even remotely interested, some of my pics are now available as prints/card/mousepads, you name it on SmugMug – Strumpet101’s SmugMug.

Red Rocks Amphitheater and Photography Update.

vedor booths thirds
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One of the joys of living in Colorado is living so close to Red Rocks. I spent the morning up there shooting for my photography class. The place is astonishing. The natural amphitheater formed out of the red rocks pushing up out of the fault line is breathtaking.

I remember seeing a recording of U2 “Under a Blood Red Sky” performed there — and I cannot BELIEVE how long I have lived here without actually going to see a concert here. Well, that’s going to change this concert season. I’ve got myself tickets for Rush (the Moving Pictures Tour) in August. Well, make that TICKET (singular). No one wants to go with me to see Rush. Oh well, they’re the ones missing out.

I took about 200 shots up there today, and I was thinking how lucky I am to be living in the digital age. If I were to buy film and develop it all, I’d have to be a LOT more careful of how many pictures I took – otherwise it would cost an absolute fortune. It’s bad enough that the equipment is so expensive!

I’ve uploaded a few of the better shots to flickr if you want to have a look!

The Photography Class

Moving mail truck
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My photography class is so interesting!

I’m only on the third chapter, but already learning so very, very much. The first two chapters were about digital photography and your camera very much in general. I had to learn stuff about my camera that I had never even bothered to look up in the manual. I was always planning to, but never got around to it.

Chapter 3 has been all about shutter speed and what it does to exposure. It has also included some special effects that can be achieved by using shutter speed.

I finished reading the chapter a while ago, but much of the assignment for the chapter involved using a tripod, which I didn’t have. I ordered up one from Amazon, and it arrived yesterday. I didn’t order a super expensive one, but one that got good reviews for the price.

And today, on a VERY windy day in Denver, I walked over to our nearest intersection to the subdivision and set up shop. I learned a tremendous amount. This picture of the moving mail truck was one of my better ones. I took a few shots on a slower shutter speed that made the cars look like they were moving much faster, but because of the speed limit in the area, those pictures turned out very overexposed. If I go somewhere where the cars speed along more quickly, I’ll get much better results.

All in all, an incredibly fun and educational assignment – I learned a lot – which was the point I think!


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I am at a junction, and it’s really quite exciting.

For many many years, I have toyed with the idea of writing ‘something’ – we’re talking something major here – like a novel or something.

Every time I try to write though, I am my own worst critic — it goes excruciatingly slowly. A sentence can take a week to get right, and then when the paragraph is finished, I read the first sentence again and just about make myself vomit. It all just sounds like teenage girl angst drivel to me.

I think I am cursed with having a Master’s in English. I will just never be Hemingway or Anita Shreve.

So, for the last year or so, I have been taking more and more photos – especially thanks to my Flickr and other Meta friends. And I have been getting more and more encouraged by what I see.

So, here is the crossroads where I make a turn and head down the road towards a new project.

I will create with photography instead. I have big plans for a project, but I have things to do before I can start working on it for real. First of all, I need to learn more about this form of expression. I don’t know how to use the tool: the camera. So, I have enrolled in a digital photography course online — it’s only very simple, but I hope it will help me understand the mechanics of this craft better. And then, if I am a good girl, and complete this course, I will get myself a ‘real’ camera, and learn to use IT.

And then I will begin creating.

I’m excited. And scared of failing – scared of being my own worst critic and paralyzing myself again. But writing here that I’m doing it will help me keep going – it’s out there now!

Photography Etiquette?

Costco Carts
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So, today’s Daily Shoot assignment was to shoot life. I grabbed my camera and ran off to Costco, where I had to go anyway. And quickly ran into some dilemmas.

Outside the store, I was fine, I snapped away happily – but then I went inside, and instantly saw just about the perfect shot. There was an elderly lady sitting in the cafeteria section eating ice-cream. She had the free-sample-lady uniform on – hairnet and all. My problem was that there was NO ONE else around. And I chickened out. To snap her the way I wanted to, I would have had to be about 10 feet from her, right in front of her. And it would have been obvious what I was doing!

So, what’s the etiquette here? Do you ask permission to take strangers’ portraits? Do you just snap away and act like it’s normal? I was at a loss. So, this one is what you get. I’d love to know what other photographers would do in that kind of situation.