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My sister – the event organiser!

So, my sister, over at Remember What the Dormouse said …, is organizing a Machinima night. My main gripe about the whole thing is that it’s in Bergen, Norway – while I’m Down Under. Otherwise I would love to go! There is a lot of great Machinima out there — including Snacky’s Halloween which you can find above 🙂

So, if you’re in the neighborhood of the event, or even if you want to make a special trips (kind of expensive, but you never know), you should pop on in!

Finally! Episode 4

I’m thrilled episode 4 has finally come out … I know I’ve plugged these guys before, but I can’t get enough of them! While Zaboo is certainly slightly stalker-ish, he also seems rather sweet. Tink is my favorite in this episode, although Blades (who’s absent) is my favorite. I know I certainly wouldn’t want to meet my guildies in real life – that’s the whole beauty of it being a game, isn’t it. I mean, as you know, I don’t even really like voice-chat that much. Although, as a follow up to that previous post, I haven’t had to use voice chat as much as I was anticipating … which is nice 🙂 It hasn’t been as destructive as I was predicting. Nice to be wrong!

Decisions, decisions

Warning: self-indulgent discussion of my characters! So, after I leveled my mage to 70, I haven’t played her a WHOLE lot. She’s keyed for Karazhan but that’s about it. Other than that, she has been farming. I have a priest stuck at 62, a rogue stuck at 67, and a warrior in her 40’s somewhere. And then recently, I made a Warlock, and she’s in 49 now.
The problem with all these characters is that I never know which one to play. So, I end up playing them all a little bit here and there. And the problem with that is that I get absolutely no continuity with any of them, which is kind of a shame.
And then there’s the fact that I haven’t played much at 70. Half the fun starts then, and I’m sort of missing out on it. But the thing is, whenever I play the 70 mage now, it’s too much to get back ‘into’ it … the continuity is definitely missing.
So, I’ve decided to stick with my warlock. And tried to make a promise to myself to stay with her once she hits 70, so that I don’t end up in the same situation again.
Luckily, I like her 🙂 … never mind that everyone and their brother and their brother’s best friend has a warlock, Baaaa!

Bears are Boring – or why I’ll never like my druid …

No, this is not turning into a wildlife blog …. This time it’s my vanity in gameplay that’s the issue. And I think that I can’t be the only one who has the issue, but anyway:

I’ve always thought druids would be a cool class to play. Their ability to solo, heal, and tank is pretty awesome … and I have a REALLY hard time killing good ones in pvp. But, when I try to level one I get stuck. Not because I don’t know how to play one, but because their LOOK is pretty boring. Now, call me vain or whatever, but I spend a looong time creating my character. I want it to look just right. So, obviously, I can’t play a cow (Tauren), but have to resort to the Alliance and playing a Night Elf. This in itself is not so bad. I kinda like the way the chick up above looks. That’s my druid in Night Elf form. My problem is with the shapeshifted form. You spend a LOT of time shapeshifted into, for example, a bear. Like so:

The problem is, that once you’re a bear, you look like every other bear druid in the game. I feel no connection with the way this bear looks AT ALL. The bear is boring and it is generic. No personality whatsoever. So I get bored with it. I think the problem could be easily solved like this:

Granted, my skills with graphics are way beyond limited. But you might get my point. Isn’t there a way to let the bear form keep some of the characteristics of the toon you made? The same hair color for example? Maybe then it would be easier to identify with.

Until then, my druid is on hold, I’m afraid.

Dying in Make-Believe

So, I really think dying in World of Warcraft is a complete PAIN. When you die, you either have to face the massive ghost-run back to your body, or see the spirit healer, and take a 10 minute resurrection sickness penalty. Not to mention the surge in repair costs. If you die too much, you will end up a very poor person – especially if your gear is really uber.
But face it compared to some games, the penalty is pittance. If this place is something to be believed, dying in the good-old dice version of Dungeons and Dragons can be a REAL pain.
This one dungeon master says:

You let your players cast Resurrection? How cheesy. In my game, if you want someone raised, you need to get the High Priest to do it for you. First, you have to do a quest to get someone to tell you where the High Priest is. Then you have to do a quest before they’ll let you in the temple. Then you have to do a quest before they’ll let you talk to the High Priest. Then you have to do a quest to prove to the High Priest that you’re serious. Then it’s time for some REAL questing. After that you can get your friends raised, just in time for the obligatory post-resurrection debt quests.

I mean OUCH!! Isn’t there a limit to how much you want the role-playing to seem realistic?? I guess it can discourage the idiots who don’t know how to play well, but seriously, doesn’t everyone have their off days?

My husband stole my hunter!

Well, I suppose he didn’t really steal it, but it felt
like he did. For weeks I’ve been saying that I’d like to level a hunter after I level my warrior because I’d like to find out why there are so many useless ones around.
So, I go away for a few days to visit my Dad and sister, and I come home to find … he’s made a hunter! Not only has he made a hunter, but he tamed a lion and named it after our cat … needless to say, that’s what I was going to do! And, on top of THAT, he’s made him an engineer … you guessed it, like I was going to! Grrrr. Well, my warrior’s only 41 anyway, so it was going to be a while … I guess you snooze you lose. My only consolation is that his is a troll — I see mine more as a Blood Elf :).
Maybe that warlock sounds good still too ….

Guildless is obviously evil

So, my mage is currently guildless – by choice, I might add. She’s 70, but all I do with her really is farm stuff and money for my other characters. I don’t feel like being in a guild with her and having obligations, etc.
This makes some people really uncomfortable for some reason. The other day I was in Orgrimmar at 4 am server time, and I was opening a portal to Shattrath, so I offered the remaining spots for 2 gold a person in Trade Channel.
As usual, some idiot starts talking about how outrageous my prices are. I just ignore talk like that – because frankly, I can charge whatever I like — it’s not like I NEED to open a portal.
But then, it got more personal: How come you’re not in a guild?? (in trade channel) … the general consensus seemed to be that I was a wicked evil person just because I wasn’t in a guild.
Yes, I know you never know who’s on the other side, and I should assume this was just kids talking – but really, I’m so over it. I finally told him, “Yes, I’m not in a guild because I’m a mean horrible person with no friends”, which caused this guy to put me on ignore.
I had to chuckle when 3 minutes later he wanted to buy a potion, and I could have made it for him …
/end rant

I Don’t WANT to know what you’re really like!

Like Clive Thompson, I am feeling a bit nervous about the new built-in voice chat coming to World of Warcraft. Sure, I have used programs like Ventrilo in the past. Voice chat is amazingly useful in a raid situation. Most people don’t type at 80+ wpm, and tactics can be better explained and discussed in a complex situation if you can just speak. But let’s face it … when you’re pairing up with someone to complete a quest, or even in a five-man dungeon, it’s just not necessary. Everyone should know their class’s responsibilities without needing in-depth explanations or instructions. And frankly, I don’t need to hear that the person I’m playing with sounds stoned, or tired, or young enough to be my son. It doesn’t add much to the experience of killing a few orcs. It can even detract from it. And face it, some people can be down right nasty. Who doesn’t remember the infamous Onyxia raid leader immortalized in this clip? Yes, that sort of behavior will probably be reportable with in-game voice chat, but that probably won’t prevent it from happening in the first place.
Of course, technically, I can’t be FORCED to use the voice chat … typing is still going to be available. But I can’t help but think that you’ll be sort of bullied into it anyway.
I want to be able to listen to my music or listen to other things going on around me when playing WoW … I’m crossing my fingers, but I’m awaiting the patch with trepidation.

(Thanks to Linn for pointing Thompson’s article out to me in the first place.)